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e3m Box - Visualisation

A special feature of the e3m box is the integrated Web-enabled visualization. Typical application cases include:

  • Case 1: merging heterogeneous systems in the building
    In the building, various, mostly standalone systems from different vendors are deployed. The e3m box is able to merge with their connectivity options the data from these heterogeneous systems and to visualize it centralized.
  • Case 2: slim visualization of small and medium-sized buildings
    The building has not the size for a PC-based building control system. On the other hand is a visualization required, as the little keypads provide from the individual systems are not sufficiently transparent.
  • Case 3: standardized visualization for distributed properties
    Distributed properties are equipped with different automation concepts. With e3m are both, a local visualization in the buildings, as well as a central access to the distributed buildings, possible.
e3m visualization screenshot HVACe3m visualization - Screenshot HT NT Memory

Image editor, symbol library and template

The creation of the images is supported by a library of symbols. This library provides standard symbols in the fields of heating, ventilation and lighting. In addition, elements can be self-created and managed in their own libraries.

Submenus, as for example Set point windows, can be created dynamically and be used for a variety of aggregates. This provides - in addition to time saving during configuration – a better overview of the project.

The basis format of the visualization images is the open SVG format. It is supported by common graphic editors, and thereby helps to take existing images and graphics.

e3m Visualization - Studio Screenshot