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e3m Box - Logic-Module

The e3m box is used in buildings often as the unifying element, i.e. the data from different branches are merged into an e3m box.

A typical example might be as follows: in a building, the ventilation systems is connected via BACnet, while the controllers for large equipment such as coolers and compressors are communicating via Modbus and the associated counters provide their data via M-Bus.

In order to optimize the active interaction between the different technical fields, we need an interface that knows all the data first and secondly it is able to quickly intervene at various points. Therefore the integrated logic module serves as the central unit, which takes over from a simple on / off control to complex control tasks requirements.

e3m logic module - Screenshot

examples of applications

  • System-wide control functions
  • local computation of virtual measured values ("computed values")
  • peak load management
  • ...