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e3m Demo - ETC Technologie

Here you have the opportunity to live intrude on a real e3m Data Center application, the Energy Management of the ETC Technologie company. The ETC Technologie is an imaginary industrial plant which produces steel sheets.

The demo account will give you a first impression to demonstrate the use of our solution and the benefits of our native Web technology in combination with a high- performance and scalable e3m Data Center solution.

ETC Technologie Logo

All data is real data from the emation office Merenberg provided with factors! The public guest access is only a small section of the application; do you want to see more? Please feel free to contact us!

Your access data

Follow the link below to the e3m Data Center and log in using the following user:

  • Username: guest
  • Password: guest

(The e3m Data Center interface supports several languages, alternatively you can get a login with gast / gast for the German language, or client / client for the French language.)

Start e3m demo now

e3m ETC Demo Screenshot

The e3m modules in interaction

In this application, you can see the modules of e3m in combination:

  • The e3m box reads out the M-BUS counters
    (Electricity meters, ...)
  • The e3m connector enables the integration of Building Management Systems
    (Temperature, lighting, ...)
  • In the e3m Data Center, the data is collected and processed
    (Portal, Charts, Alarms, Reports, ...)
  • Access is via the e3m web client
    (Internet Explorer, Firefox, ...)
e3m structure schematically

Contents of the demo

With the credentials guest / guest the following functions are enabled:

  • Welcome page with portal-view:
    On this page you can see the characteristics of your building's energy consumption (in this case, data from the plant Frankfurt of the ETC Technologie ) at a glance. In addition you can find a plant view, an evaluation by media, a peak load analysis and an overview by production plants.
  • Charts:
    With the help of Charts you can for e.g. represent load-profiles. Use this feature to analyze the power consumption of the production plant Frankfurt.
    1) select Data -> Charts
    2) Please select in the tree view on the left "W1 - Werk Frankfurt"
    3) Select a predefined chart from the list
    4) With the bottom "Display chart" call up the chart. (We recommend leaving the first preset time range, it is already preset to the appropriate type of chart.)


e3m ETC demo description