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Active Energy Management
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e3m Overview

The active energy management e3m is the professional solution for evaluating the energy situation of your buil-dings and properties. e3m makes the energy consump-tion and their costs transparent and provides the found-ation for a systematic analysis with the goal of a higher energy efficiency.

acquire - verify - optimise - manage

e3m has a much higher claim than a classical energy monitoring: the capture, verification and recording of all relevant data is the basis for an integrated energy management. e3m also provides powerful evaluation modules, which fulfill both, the requirements of the energy consulting as well as controlling requirements.

e3m helps you to actively deal with the issue of energy, starting with the active monitoring of target values to active access to the plant equipment.

e3m logo with meaning

Applications for the active Energy Management e3m

e3m is a scalable energy data management system, which can be deployed either as Software as a Service or locally as a system solution. It enables you to centrally manage and analyse meter data, key figures and reference values for your properties at local, national or global level. As a result, you'll be in a position to create a continuous information flow, from data capture on the premises through to financial accounting.

The scalability allows covering a wide application field; this applies for the e3m target markets as well as for the size of the applications. From a single building (swimming pool, administrative buildings, production equipment ...), to globally networked application (retail chains, distributed production sites, smart metering ...) e3m is the ideal tool for energy transparency.